About the Author

Who am I?

My Childhood Education or Profession was never linked to my religion. My career led me to a Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure Technical Solution Architect  – working mainly with Enterprise Servers, Storages, Softwares and Networking solutions. I used to follow the religion just as everybody around me – simply moving like “go with the flow”.

How did it began?

Traffic jam is prevalent in our country, so I used to plug in my headphone with music in my way to work. Suddenly, I started to listen to the audio of the plain literal meaning of the Quran whose Ayats simply baffled me and strange things started to happen from that point of time. I started to dig down to the plain meanings and started to look for their Tafseers and explanations by the Scholars of Islam which started to amaze me to such an extent that my overall perspective over my religion got changed completely.

Why am I sharing these?

I consider myself as a simple person and submitter to Allah(swt). I just like sharing whatever knowledge comes to me from Allah(swt). I try my level best to authenticate the knowledge and then present them to more and more people in an organized and attractive way, so that they can be benefited from these (spending shortest amount of time in their busy life). However, as a Muslim, it is also my duty to share correct knowledge to fellow human beings. Nobody had ever presented me this religion by the way that it should be presented – with proper Wisdom and Style. Our day-to-day business keeps us so busy that we can’t extract much time for in-depth study and analysis; so I felt the urge to summarize my studies in the easiest and simplest possible form. I genuinely need Dua from everyone of you so that I can carry on doing this being rightly guided from Allah(swt).